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Bern - Insider Guide
  • Bern - Insider Guide

Bern - Insider Guide




German English


The city of Bern has played a minor role in Swiss city tourism for years. Wrongly so – as this stylish Bern guide shows. The authors present a personally curated selection of around 60 Bernese hotspots in just a few lines in German and English, illustrated with photographs. Restaurants, shops, cafés and bars are just as important as places of culture, architecture and outdoor spaces. This little book is not only interesting for travelers and newcomers, but also one or the other long-time resident can still discover hidden exquisiteness and magical corners of the federal city.

Mirko Beetschen and Stéphane Houlmann take us beyond the 'usual suspects' such as Bärengraben, Zytglogge and Bundeshaus through a colourful, diverse and cosmopolitan Bern. The short, bilingual texts are supplemented with city maps and photographs by Lorenz Cugini.


    Number of pages: 168
    Pictures: 70
    Dimensions: 11 x 17 cm
    ISBN: 978-3-7296-5008-4
    Release date: 04/12/2019


    «Mirko Beetschen and Stéphane Houlmann are veritable conoisseurs of Bern. With a keen eye, they look at neighbourhoods, bars, cafés, hotels, culture and restaurants. Their selections represents what they stand for themselves: quality, nonchalance and taste.»

    SCHÖNER WOHNEN - 09/19




    «The rest of Switzerland likes to scoff about Bern’s proverbial slowness and that things don’t move here. In their well written and beautifully illustrated guide, Mirko Beetschen and Stéphane Houlmann prove that this prejudice definitely doesn’t apply to the local culture and gastronomy scene.»

    NZZ - 04/19

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